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Internships with KHEIR

Thank you for your interest in our organization. KHEIR receives many requests for internship, research and preceptorship; we thank you in advance for your patience during our screening process..

We do our best to match the individuals with the appropriate work or desired work experience. KHEIR Center is comprised of Medical Clinic & Enrollment Services, Elder & Social Services, Development/Fundraising, and Adult Day Health Care centers. Opportunities are available for students interested in gerontology, social work, medicine, clinical psychology, journalism, accounting, and marketing & business development.

For college and nursing students interested in shadowing a physician or applying for preceptorship, you’ll be required to demonstrate your competency in core areas of patient care. Additionally, the physicians will need to agree to the arrangement upon meeting you. Other internship opportunities include:

  1. Case Management--Cancer Screenings and Patient Follow-Up Communication
  2. Data Base Management & Analysis of Clinic Patients and their Usage
  3. Medical Assisting--Helping patients with program enrollments & taking their vitals
  4. Outreach Volunteering on weekends--We'll call you on as needed basis
  5. Your own project at the Clinic (subject to pre-approval)
  6. Fact Gathering (health stats for Latinos & Koreans) for our Grant Writers
  7. Human Resources—Assisting Human Resources with compliance and staff development
  8. Graphic Design—Developing marketing collaterals and videos for the Clinic patient education & care

For consideration, please submit your CV/resume and cover letter, including your availability, time commitment, and desired experience.

HR – Internship
3727 W. 6th Street, Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Fax: 213-427-4008

Those who will commit to a minimum of a 3-month and 10 hours/week schedule will receive placement priority. For more information on KHEIR, please visit www.lakheir.org.

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